About Us

While this page is “about us” it is really about you. Serving ‘you’ is in our DNA. ANTA in Arabic means YOU. Owned and operated by the royal family of Ajman and prominent business house from Dubai gives us the most enviable edge in the business arena.

Started in the year ‘76 in a dreamy desert city of the emirates and since then we have evolved to be one of the finest global travel Management Company and most reputable airline representation in the region employing over 170 staff with an annual group turnover that presently stands at US$180 million.

Shifting sands of time have changed the travel business beyond recognition and so have we, but our core values remain the same. Our dedication and eagerness to find ways to meet customers’ needs and drive to find the best possible solutions has remained in us. This has earned us a special place in the hearts of our customers and airline principals alike.

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Our Model

Having understood the gap between large online travel companies and small boutique agencies that rely on concierge style service, we have invested in developing the capabilities of large travel management companies, with this we are unique travel company where we offer clients the most cost efficient travel management system without compromising service and yet adding our expertise and vast experience.

Our Team

The best part of our business is our people. We will travel 40K km across the world to get you the right answer, we are trained and connected to do just that. We employ the most talented, experienced, and determined people. We are proud to say that it is our people who keeps us at the cutting edge in this highly competitive business.

Our Net work

Spanning across three countries United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sultanate of Oman and with 80 partners around the world we are virtually in every corner of the globe. We are constantly looking for solutions to serve our customers better. As we look ahead to grow we are looking to expand in Africa and Asia.

Our Accolades:

Being in the business for over 42 years, we have earned numerous awards from our principal and partner airline and we are ranked as one of the top ten agents in the region.

Our Organization

We are a travel organization with an array of service across key pillars of the travel business such as Airline representation, Corporate, Retail and Leisure Travel.