Outbound holiday: We at ANTA are very passionate about our holiday product, we have packages to all seven continents of the world. While we take pride in our originality it is guaranteed to inspire and can be perfectly tailored for you. These bespoke packages are well received amongst high net worth customers of ours.

Our team of highly experienced holiday staff, travel to far corners of the world to gather and create exceptional, exclusive and exciting packages for you to experience. Our clientele include families, adventurers, couples on honey moon, groups of friends, students, corporate clients and individuals who have special interest such as photography, cooking, yoga etc.

The recent trend shows, clients who have been on online booking portal are back with us for want of innovation, value and trouble free holiday. In most of the cases we have not only fulfilled their dream but also bettered the price.


Inbound holiday: While the glittering city of Dubai and other emirates attract millions of visitors from around the world we at Anta offer personalized service to fulfill their dreams be it a bash in the desert or wadi, surf in the sands or sea, unwind on the beautiful beaches or go an spiritual tour to the grand mosque, falconry or fly like one as you sky dive, enjoy the belly dance and sumptuous Arabian hospitality or simply stroll the streets of world’s most admired city while experiencing the splendor of shopping. We also offer exclusive and distinctly different packages such walking tour in the spice bazar, riding the abra (small boat) eat and drink in the quaint cafes in old town while new city of gold can mesmerize you with the world tallest Burj Khalifa.

Our team goes the extra mile to make your trip the most memorable be it a relaxed vacation or an exhilarating holiday at the YAS Ferrari world or breathtaking roller coaster or the longest zip line in the world. While we do all this, our heart lies in making your special day unforgettable by adding few fine touches to it.

We are a one stop solution for Visa, hotel, car rental, sightseeing, desert safari, travel insurance, events most of all a memorable holiday ever.